About Us

We are a socially conscious beauty brand specializing in a quick glow-up, inspired by the Beauty and the City story. At Beauty and the City, we focus on clean, vegan beauty formulas that achieve results. We are a cause-related beauty brand that is passionate about our causemetic’s mission to do good for our customers and for the environment on purpose.
"I set out with Beauty and the City to solve the problems women have when they say make-up is time-consuming. Within 2 minutes you can get the most out of having a polished, natural glow with Beauty and the City’s beauty kits.  Your glow is the most fundamental part of your make-up routine. It gives you the most glamorous results in the least amount of time. ” says Tanille, Beauty and the City Creative Director.
We focus on your lips with our lip kit, your face with our glow up kits, and your eyes with our eye kits. Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made to highlight your beauty. All of our products are created with 3 principles in mind that uphold the Beauty and the City brand story. The three principles are: 1) Care & Repair 2) Glow 3) Beautiful in 5. 


We hope to help you make your everyday look stand out and feel EPIC Sis! Our team is diverse, our story is diverse, and we embody diversity in everything we do. We believe it is important to do good on purpose. So we donate 1% of all sales to charities such as Black Lives Matter, Rainforest Action Network, and Last Chance for Animals. 

To contact us please email customer@beautynthecity.com
Stay beautiful queen!

xoxo BNTC